Writing means to design, to write and also to reject, to revise and to correct. Any kind of document – whether translation, letter of thanks, welcoming speech, press release... – needs to mature, which takes its time. The same applies to education, because good teaching needs to be planned, carried out and followed up. Similarly, whoever rushes marketing activities runs the risk of failure.

We are committed to always meet your requirements and to deliver high-quality work. We set great value on the quality of our work and would like to offer fair and transparent pricing:

Depending on your order, we calculate by standard line, standard page, fixed price or on an hourly basis.

Many services are already included in our prices, such as basic layout work, and we will always email your texts and translations. In case you need additional services, such as receiving your texts by regular mail or a data CD/DVD, we are happy to meet your requirements as well.

We are also happy to process your short-term request – available for an extra-charge – as an urgent order or weekend assignment.

Customers with large orders, master agreements or permanent contracts are granted special discounts.

Please note that we are a small business underlying the German VAT Act. We do not show VAT amounts on our invoices. Your invoice, of course, will be issued accordingly, including all references necessary.

Translations and Correspondence

Regarding translations and correspondence we provide price transparency by charging per standard line. Pro rata calculation will be applied for incomplete lines.

Larger texts will be rewarded with discounts.

On the one hand, prices are grouped by private and business correspondence. On the other hand they depend on the complexity of the text to be translated or to be written.

Even small translation jobs are associated with work, therefore the minimum order value is €20.

If you need small translations repeatedly (e.g. emails) which fall below our minimum order value, you may simply take advantage of our quota agreement!

It works like this: Send us some typical examples of frequently accruing translations. We set a line rate on the basis of these texts. You buy a quota – i.e. a translation package – for e.g. €60; you may call your quota whenever required. Your quota will continuously be reduced by your small translations. We charge a minimum amount of €10 per translation. Together with each translation we provide an invoice of the text we translated as well as information about the remaining amount of your quota.

Small translations are provided as Office file or text file with simple layout.

Proofreading / Editing

We offer proofreading in German and English of all texts from a business letter to brochure materials up to novels. We also provide editing of theses, book manuscripts, brochures, advertising material, PR texts, etc.

Our proofreading and editing prices depend on whether you want only a proof-reading – e.g. spelling mistakes and punctuation marks – or whether you also request a check of content, structure and / or logic. In addition, our rates depend on both the quality and complexity of the text to be checked.

Writing Services

We offer audio typing, transcription / transmittance and recording of dictations, handwritten and typewritten texts (German and English) to an Office file or a text file.

Also here we ensure price transparency by grouping our rates and by calculating them per standard page or per standard line. Language, level of difficulty, quality of provided data, and layout requirements influence our prices.    

Audio typing of only text, without any layout requirements and in good sound quality is of course cheaper than audio typing while at the same time taking into account layout requirements and insufficient sound quality.

The same applies for entering texts. Texts without layout requirements, delivered as a typewritten template, which need to be typed in as an Office file or text file are cheaper than those delivered as handwritten templates, which are difficult to read and also need some layout to be done.

If you need paper copies of the files, we are also happy to provide those as an additional service.

Text with formulas and tables, article writing, letters, essays and papers are calculated individually according to the above mentioned pricing. Please note that keywords must be provided when article writing, letters, essays and papers are requested.

Secretarial Services

Back office support services – e.g. filing, registry, administration, secretariat, travel planning, preparative accounting, invoice verification, invoicing, reminders, temporary replacements to cover vacation and sickness absences, telephonist and receptionist services – are calculated on an hourly basis. Prices depend on the hours required. There are discounts for permanent contracts.

Urgent orders, work requested outside business hours, work requested on weekends and on public holidays are available for a surcharge.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is rated on an hourly basis. Rates may vary considering the tasks requested.

Minimum order value: two full hours. After that each quarter of an hour of work started will be charged.

We are gladly willing to provide an individual offer.

Office Services

We offer many different office services; please ask for the prices of the respective services and we will prepare an individual offer.

Homework Mentoring, Private Coaching, Teaching Lessons, and Conversation Classes

In the context of homework mentoring, private coaching, teaching lessons, and conversation classes we offer transparent and fair prices, too.

We group our prices according to education levels – primary school to adult education.

A teaching unit is 45 minutes. Up to three people can share a lesson as a group – and thus save money. Yet, we suggest group lessons only for conversation classes.

Lessons take place at our premises.

We do not charge any registration fee. There is no binding contract.

Teaching materials are subject to individual agreement; paper copies must be paid for separately.

Marketing Assistance / Marketing Consulting

Prices for marketing assistance and marketing consulting are calculated on a time and material basis. They are subject to individual agreements. Just contact us!